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How to minimize pores?

We all want to minimize pores but, based on the scientific evidence that we have so far, it is nearly impossible to change the size of your pores through external means. That is due to the fact that your genes determine how big or small your skin pores will be. It is the same principle that applies to eye color.

Pores play a very important role in the health of your skin because they allow sebum (the oil keeping your epidermis lubricated) to travel from its origin, the sebaceous gland, to the surface aka your face. People with oily complexions tend to have much more prominent pores and are really eager to make them look smaller.

You do not want to completely close off your pores with synthetic and toxic makeup products – that would only lead to dry skin (due to the lack of lubrication) and severe acne breakouts.

Instead, you can make them appear smaller through more natural methods, that still allow your skin’s mechanisms to function properly.

1.Cleanse daily & never go to bed with your make-up on.

Sleeping with your makeup on clogs pores causing breakouts, dries out the skin, and accelerates the aging process. We strongly recommend double-cleansing. Use an oil-based Cleanser –Bi-Phase Elixir, for removing the first layer of makeup. After, use a water-based cleanser – Balm Cleanser to remove excess dirt.

2.Add a scrub to your weekly skincare routine.

Before you exfoliate, place a warm washcloth on your face for a few minutes to try to open pores. Then gently exfoliate in smooth& circular moves and rinse with water. We recommend scrubbing 1-2 times per week with the Magic Scrub.

3.Use a moisturizer with retinol.

Retinol will help boost skin cell turnover, making pores looking smaller in a few weeks. We recommend using the PROlift line ( PROlift day retinol 0,05 & PROlift night retinol 0,5) paired with sunscreen protection.

4.Use a clay mask to unclog your pores.

Clays are one of the best ingredients that shrink pores. They quickly unclog pores by wicking out all the oil. Did you know that oil build up can make your pores look up to five times larger ? We recommend using our Purple Mud face mask with clays, platinym & gold, 2-3 times a week.

5.Use a face primer.

A natural silicone-free face primer, such as our revolutionary PORE-FlawLESS, is a must-have for people suffering from an oily complexion, especially during the summer days.

How is PORE-flawLESS different from other primers on the market?

The formula contains squalane, a superlight oil with anti-inflammatory properties, bamboo powder and marine algae extracts. Their combined action helps mattify your skin, calm irritations and fill in those big pores, without clogging them. You only need to apply a very small amount of product for the results to be visible, even in those extremely problematic areas such as your forehead and nostrils. Free of silicones, perfume, GMO & parabens.