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Iehana Dream Campaign 2019

Our IEHANADREAM first campaign, happened back in the summer of 2019.The campaign was born based on the dreams of one of our Co-Founders, Medeea. Forest nymphs, nature, classical music & dreams. The idea of applying your favorite product that transports your into a dreamland where you can connect with nature.

Iehana Love Campaign 2020 

Our second IEHANA LOVE campaign, was focused on diversity and love. On blooming everyday as a person. Therefore, we launched with this occasion our first ever perfume. Blooming Sensuality. A perfume that we used in the past 4 years while scenting our packages. A perfume that made you you fall deeply in love. An unisex perfume that explores the the mixture of vanilla, patchouli, lily of the valley, amber, and balsam of Peru