Dehydrated skin can become a characteristic of many skin types. Thus, even oily or combination skin can sometimes be dehydrated when either not consuming enough fluids (preferably water) or, for various reasons, your skin does not have the ability to retain water. Air conditioning, weather, lack of sleep, not drinking enough water, hot showers, or harsh skincare products, can all be contributors to dehydrated skin.


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  • Anti-redness calming moisturizer: niacinamide, vitamin E & immortelle

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  • Contouring Eye Cream: peptides 1% & elastin 1% 20 ml

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  • Wonder Serum: peptides, coenzyme q10, vitamin A, C & E 30 ml

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  • Balm Cleanser: solid vegan cleanser

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  • Purple Mud face mask: lifting & minimizing pores

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  • Multi-Miracle:hands & face moisturizer 40 ml

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