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More and more people are claiming to have sensitive skin, due to chemicals, pollution or stress. We use the best selection of natural anti-inflammatory and anti-redness active ingredients such as chamomile, blue tansy, calendula & aloe vera to take care of your skin.


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  • Anti-redness Calming Moisturizer with Niacinamide, Vitamin E & Immortelle

    145,00 lei
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  • PORE-flawLESS Face Primer & Pore Filler 20 ml

    83,00 lei
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  • Balm Cleanser Solid Vegan Cleanser for All Skin Types

    109,00 lei179,00 lei
  • Tonic Water Face Toner for Anti-pollution Protection All Skin Types

    86,00 lei112,00 lei
  • -30%

    Beauty Kit for Dry & Sensitive Skin 4 Essential Products

    316,00 lei
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  • PERFECT SKIN moisturizer with Vitamin E 0,5% & Squalane dry and sensitive skin 60 ml, 20+

    160,00 lei
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  • -28%

    Gentle face soap with cinnamon 85g

    36,00 lei
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  • Magic Scrub Face Exfoliator Gel with AHA Fruit Acids & Roses for All Skin Types

    63,00 lei100,00 lei