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Dry skin versus dehydrated skin. How to recognize it and what products to choose

While dry skin is mainly caused by low levels of oils that form the natural lipid barrier, dehydrated skin is a consequence of water deficiency.

Dry skin is also a skin condition that we are often born with, while dehydrated skin can become a characteristic of many skin types. Thus, even oily or combination skin can sometimes be dehydrated when either not consuming enough fluids (preferably water) or, for various reasons, your skin does not have the ability to retain water. What can cause dehydrated skin? Air conditioning, the weather, lack of sleep, not drinking enough water, hot showers, harsh skin care products, and bypassing a gentle skincare routine can all be contributors to dehydrated skin.

Dry skin is characterized by low sebum production and is the most prone to premature wrinkles and lines. Flaking, feeling tight, itching or tenderness are other symptoms of dry skin. We recommend nutri-rich products based on coconut and jojoba oil, ceramides, and vitamin E.

Dehydrated skin lacks firmness and elasticity due to cells losing volume. The skin secretes more sebum than necessary. We recommend products rich in AHA fruit acids, white willow extract (natural variant of salicylic acid) glycerine and hyaluronic acid.